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If you are looking for a solid and durable option for your roof, tile is a great alternative you should most definitely consider.   In the last 20 years, tile roofing has become one of the most popular options in the USA because of its durability, vast style options, and easy maintenance; however, roofs made of tiles have existed in other countries for over a century.

Roof tile is designed for long-term performance outlasting other frequently used roofing materials.  Due to its weight, modern design and strength tile is ideal for all climatic regions from extreme cold to extreme heat.   One more reason why tile is preferred over other materials is that they are easy to maintain.  Single tiles are much easier to repair than other most commonly known materials.

Tiles are available in any size, color, and shape and can be produced to fit any architectural style from contemporary to century-old.  In the case of clay tiles, natural materials are mixed right into the clay resulting in long color durability; furthermore they can be glazed to avoid fading even more.  Concrete tiles employ iron oxide pigments and can also achieve very long-lasting color.

Clay tile is the more resistant of the two and can withstand hail, wind and fire.  It is usually manufactured in an S shape making it ideal for Spanish Style.  Sand Cast, which is made of clay and sand, can be quite unique because of its variances in color; this tile is ideal for Southwestern and Mediterranean style homes.  The drawback to Sand Cast roofs is that you cannot walk on them since they can break when exposed to excessive weight.

Concrete tile is made of cement, water and sand.  Color can be added to the surface or can be colored through out during manufacturing, this technique is called color through.  Concrete tile comes in an even wider variety of shapes and sizes making it ideal for any architectural style while having all the benefits of clay.

In the southwest tiles are the roofing material of choice since they have been proven to withstand winds of 150 miles per hour when properly installed.  They are known for being cool in the summer and hot in the winter making them ideal for any region.

Concrete and clay tiles are mineral-based and nontoxic, which means they can be reused in manufacturing while other roofing materials, which are, petroleum based and fossil fueled dependent cannot.  If that wasn’t enough to take into consideration roof tiles, will not need to be replaced for many years over other materials.

Taking into consideration that buildings employing tiles have been around for centuries they represent a very cost effective roofing choice.  If you are in the need of replacing your roof and are thinking about tile roofing take into consideration the following:  Your structure must support the weight of tile roofing, tile roofing is not a DIY a project and it must be installed by a professional.

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