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Polyurea Elastomeric Roof Coating

Would you like a coating that can function at extreme conditions?

The polyurea elastomer coating / lining technology has shown some very significant inroads since the introduction of the technology back in the late 1980’s. Initially, the polyurea technology had set itself in a different [polyurea-elastomeric-coating] class of coating / lining systems as compared to tradition urethane coating / lining systems.
Would you like to minimize shutdown time to a few hours while waterproofing your work floor or parking garage, or would you like your coating to cure fast and also have high tensile strength?

If your answer is yes, then Polyurea-based Elastomeric Coating is perfect for the project.

Polyurea-based Elastomeric coatings fully cure in a few hours to form an outstandingly tough, flexible and a chemical resistant surface. These coatings waterproof their substrate and also have the ability to extend by about 300 percent, thereby enabling them to bridge hairline cracks on concrete surfaces. Elastomeric polyureas are ideal for application on industrial work floors, hangars, parking decks, roofs and so on.

Fast Reaction Times

Polyurea-based systems have a reaction time of 5 to 15 seconds and hence surfaces are fully serviceable within a few hours. This is far superior in comparison to polyurethanes and epoxies, which take hours to cure and necessitate a shutdown time of 24 to 48 hours. Also, the dampness of a surface is not of concern the quality of the polyurea-based elastomerics is a great asset to end-users who are looking to minimize shutdown time and commence work on their new surface as fast as possible.

High Abrasive Resistance

In a highly abrasive environment like vehicular decks, airplane hangars, mechanical rooms or other industrial workshops, polyurea-based elastomerics offer a heavy duty coating combined with the flexibility to accommodate stress concentration.

Moisture Insensitivity

Polyureas cure at lightning speed, which leaves no room for moisture to react with the isocyanates. Hence, polyurea-based elastomeric coatings are an unmatched system when it comes to waterproofing surfaces in humid areas.

Ability to Function at Extreme Conditions

Polyureas can perform at extreme conditions. Even at very low temperatures, for instance -20 degree centigrade, these systems would cure and perform. Even if the coating were saturated with moisture, it would not blister and would cure properly.

Low or No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Polyurea-based elastomerics contain low or no VOCs, thus making this class of coatings extremely environment friendly. With the Federal and state governments enforcing laws to cut down on the VOCs, these polyurea systems offer an attractive alternative.

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